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Archipelago Botanicals "Napa" Luxe Candle

Archipelago Botanicals "Napa" Luxe Candle

  • $4295

Bring the warm and earthy scent of wine country into your home everyday with Archipelago's Napa Luxe Candle. The rich fragrance blend of Black Currant, Pinot Noir and exotic Vetiver, are combined to create a warm fruity scent with hints of smoky, earthy tones.

Each candle is made with 100% Coconut Wax and has double wicks, which creates a clean burn while extending the longevity of the candle. Every candle is poured into a beautiful white glass jar and has a dramatic wooden lid. The perfect gift to share with someone or a luxurious addition to your home.

  • Measure: Approximately 4.5" Tall
  • Net Contents: 13 oz. / 368 gm
  • Approximate Burn Time: 100 hours
  • Double wicked

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